выставочные стенды
Stand for Sberbank
  • World Economic Forum 2009 in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Lenexpo

 The task was to create an image of a modern, hi–tech company, friendly and omnibus at the same time. Image of renewed Sberbank, reflecting the growth, striving upward and forward movement. Complex design solution includes several areas of negotiations, demonstrations and informational pieces. Everything designed to make a comfortable stay of visitors at the stand. 

We used the highest quality and modern building and decorative materials. Stand type is smooth, round and easy. The color scheme is bright. Various color accents make for a stands’ positive perception. Numerous details create the projects’ unique image. Easy, gazing skyward frame-tensioning design, the huge illuminated logos, lined with stone fountain, a water-bubble column with a commemorative coin inside, the glass walls, filled with vivid oranges. Designed furniture, live trees and many plants on the stand - all this creates a harmonious positive image of the company. Much attention is paid to the interactive multimedia technologies. Sophisticated interactive equipment were deployed and operated as a single structure: a unified system of data processing, system for visitors registration, interactive presentation, ATMs. All this is connected to a single network, laptops, seamless plasma panels. Virtual 3D person is another novelty, its task was to check and answer questions. 

Showy, bright stand, equipped with the latest technical innovations, has been appreciated as the best in the St. Petersburg International Forum 2009.